Once you’ve made the decision to choose Manitou, we want you to be able to use and understand the innovative features you now have available… after all, it’s the most powerful, innovative alarm monitoring software in the industry!

It’s important to us that you have free access to learn the processes and features you need to use Manitou proficiently. But we also want you to have the opportunity to expand that knowledge or choose other ways of learning more suited to you. For that reason, BoldU was developed as an online learning portal with multiple levels so you can choose what works best for your company.

Benefits of BoldU:

  • A single subscription covers your entire organization.
  • Unlimited user registrations
  • Access for all users to any classes available in your subscription level
  • No additional charges to train new hires or retrain existing staff
  • No expiration dates for class completion while subscription is active.

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BoldU has four levels of learning – choose the subscription that best suits your needs!

Level 1 - The Bold Resource Center

This level is free to all registered users, and is loaded with documents and YouTube tutorials about ManitouNEO, Alarm Handling, Data Entry and more. It also contains one e-learning course, BTT 100 - “Introduction to Manitou,” which is great training for new operators, and can introduce Manitou to technicians and sales people in your organization.

Level 2 – Self paced Learning

This level contains more self-paced, online courses which go further in-depth about the features and functions of ManitouNEO. Each course contains micro-learning modules that quiz you along the way. After completing each course, students earn certificates to show course completion.

Level 3 - Professional Development

(Available in late Q1, ’18) This level features instructor-led training courses that pair students with a Bold instructor for a series of pre-recorded course modules over a set period. Students interact with their instructor and fellow students, and complete assignments for the instructor’s review. This learning format features Bold’s popular CSM, MSM, Alarm Operator, Data Entry, and ManitouNEO Boot Camp courses, among others.

Level 4 - Advanced Instruction

(Available in Q3 ’18) Our top level pairs students with a Bold instructor for live online courses with advanced topics, including the Advanced ManitouNEO Database & Systems Administrator (AMDSA). This subscription also includes free admission for two registered users from your organization to attend up to two on-site courses each year at the Bold Training Lab in Colorado Springs (travel and lodging not included).

To get started, choose a Learning Manager, or Managers, to be the point person(s) and register your organization account within the BoldU learning portal. They will then be able to assign registrations to anyone else in your company.

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