ManitouPSIM Modules

Adding a New Technology to Your System? No Problem.

The ManitouPSIM package can be expanded in a variety of ways to support the technologies you want to integrate. When you are ready to monitor new security technologies, we have a variety of solutions to choose from.

Bold MediaGateway Modules

The Bold MediaGateway combines several technologies to integrate telephony, voice, SMS, and data into the ManitouPSIM automation software. Each Bold MediaGateway module is compatible with any phone system, whether through direct integration with the CSS Aeonix phone system or using an Aeonix Telephony Server to interact with your existing PBX system.


A two-way voice solution which ties voice calls and alarms together using Caller ID recognition and tracking. TwoWayPLUS automatically routes incoming calls to the operator handling the alarm. Can be used as a traditional Two-Way Voice solution or configured so no receiver is required – perfect for elevator alarms and PERS devices.


A software receiver that converts communications via SMS, Email, ODBC database, FTP, TCP, GPRS, RSS, UDP and simple files into regular signals that are delivered into Manitou. Easily process non-traditional transmissions without requiring development resources. With the UniversalConnector you can expand service offerings and generate more revenues.


AutoText uses SMS technology so ManitouPSIM can send and receive text messages to easily manage low priority alarms. Autotext includes 3 standard templates to easily handle the most common scenarios. Since text messages are read 200x faster than emails, AutoText provides the fastest and most efficient way to communicate with your customers.


An interactive voice response system proven to improve response times and provide better service for emergency alarms. OpenVoice Outbound helps manage low-priority alarms by generating automated calls using Text-to-Speech and allows for contact acknowledgement; OpenVoice Inbound references Caller ID to direct calls to the right agent or department.


Directly integrates the Bold MediaGateway with the CSS Aeonix phone system to enable higher-level feature sets such as Dealer-Based Caller ID Injection, Auto Dialing, Call Routing, and Automated Call Distribution. This solution will place incoming callers into a call queue and route incoming calls to ensure that agents do not receive unrelated calls while handling alarms.


This solution tests receiver lines and reports any failures. Failures are sent directly into ManitouPSIM as alarms, eliminating the requirement to wait for a test timer. With this solution, central station staff are immediately aware of any line problems. LineCheck can also be used with a non-Manitou automation software.

Mobile Apps

Technology has made it possible to manage much of our lives through a mobile device. Why should managing business be any different? Bold’s line of mobile apps offer both accessibility for you and in-demand security features for end-users. Facilitate mobile check-ins, and allow end-users to help manage incidents, all from the portable convenience of mobile devices.

BoldNet Mobile

Provide technicians streamlined account access. BoldNet Mobile provides quick access to common activities such as viewing account status, placing accounts on and off test, and looking up account information. BoldNetMobile was designed for speed and simplicity, and it was developed using HTML 5 so it works on virtually any mobile device.

Bold ProtectMe

Works as a mobile “check-in,” ideal for security guard services that dispatch guards to multiple locations. Users check in with the simple press of a button and Manitou logs the check-in with the GPS coordinates of the user’s location. Bold ProtectMe also has a panic feature which, when activated, sends an alarm to ManitouPSIM with the GPS coordinates.

Bold NotifyMe

Reduce false alarms and dispatcher queues by involving end-users. All registered users on an account are alerted via push notification when an event occurs. Users can communicate through the app, then verify or cancel the alarm. Users are informed and able to make decisions when an event is triggered.

Revenue Modules

The security industry must respond to meet the demands of a rapidly changing world. Alarm monitoring software must be versatile and able to incorporate new technologies as they emerge. At Bold, we understand the importance of keeping up with new technologies and we provide cutting-edge solutions that give our customers a competitive advantage.

Video Control Center

Use the Video Control Center module to integrate alarm handling and video into one system through the ManitouPSIM automation software. The Video Control Center offers a broad feature set including graphically enhanced floor plans, video routes, field of view perspective, and a customizable Media Matrix for viewing video.
ManitouPSIM is compatible with over 60 video products.


Connect ManitouPSIM to multiple access control systems and gain all the features of an enterprise standalone access control system. False alarms can be reduced through combined reporting from intruder and access control systems; while administration costs can be lowered when changes to key holders are reflected in the access control system, versus changing physical keys and locks.


Provide services like asset protection, fleet/vehicle tracking, and remote emergency response using the GPS product of your choice. BoldTrak supports any GPS tracking or emergency device that transmits through GPRS, SMS, web services, or email. Includes a web portal that allows users to view their devices or make changes to their account, such as creating or modifying geofences.

Premiere Video Integrations

Bold Technologies is an authorized reseller of the award-winning I-View Now central station video interface. I-View Now is a cloud-based video verification service that relates alarm events with video clips from off the shelf security systems, DVRs, NVRs, Videofied, and IP cameras. Verify alarms during the dispatch process, reduce false alarms, and increase apprehensions.

Bold has also established Premiere Video Integrations with OpenEye and 3xLOGIC. These products expand upon the “standard” video drivers in Manitou and are only available in Manitou with our new Video Control Center (VCC). Additional features include access and control of live video feeds, inclusion of metadata sent in with video events, health monitoring of the DVR/NVR/Cloud systems, tamper notifications, and a more efficient data entry process for on-boarding devices.

Operational Efficiency Modules

Improve profitability and increase efficiency throughout your entire organization when you can quickly assess system performance, direct alarms to designated operators, improve response with PSAP integration.

Dashboard Analytics

Includes an open API so any type of statistics can be presented in the Dashboard – whether Manitou-related or not. Metrics important to the monitoring center can be reported on and displayed. Dashboard Analytics provides a powerful tool in measuring performance and providing a visual display to encourage improvement in the monitoring center.


Direct integration between ManitouPSIM and the CSS Aeonix PBX phone system. PBXStandard enables Caller ID Injection to provide better customer service and support specific branding. Another feature is Auto Dialing of outbound calls to free up valuable time and reduce errors in dialing accuracy. No modem or proprietary TAPI interface required.

Training Gym

An instructional and test system used to train staff in a secure environment. The Training Gym includes a copy of the central station’s current ManitouPSIM system, including all of the modules active on the live system. Useful for training new dispatchers and training current staff when new functionality is added to the system. Also great for evaluating data conversions.

Monitoring Groups

Used to enable specialized alarm handling and direct incoming signals to designated workstations or groups of dispatchers. Standard uses include: create a group that receives alarms from a large corporate customer; direct traffic to a remote office during specified schedules; route signals from a storm region; and direct signals based on dispatcher skillset.

Voice Record

A smart solution for voice and call recordings. VoiceRecord interfaces with the SecurVoice recording solution to link audio clips to alarms and events in ManitouPSIM. Store and replay voice recordings in Manitou’s Customer Activity Log. The integration saves time and resources when voice recordings need to be retrieved and reviewed.

Location Services

Ensure the proper authority information is populated for any incoming GPS-related alarm. Location Services provides an immediate PSAP lookup for a specific authority type (police, fire, medical), so dispatchers can quickly contact the correct responding authority based on the location of the alarm. Can also be used to update or add authorities to an account.

Business Enhancement Modules

The Business Enhancement Modules are designed to provide flexibility in reporting processes, deliver high redundancy with support of multiple sites, and protect data. Add these features to your system to better manage your business, streamline operations, and maintain resilience in critical supporting infrastructure.

Database Replication

A UL/ULC listed solution which provides real-time database replication. In the event of a system failure, all users are redirected to a fully redundant server, minimizing the disruption to your business. The Database Replication module is included as part of the base package for ManitouPSIM.

Multi-Rep System

Protect your business with live replication to multiple server solutions. The Multi-Rep System was created for monitoring centers that want an extra layer of real-time data backup and adds the ability to replicate data to a third server or more. Meets UL/ULC standards for data protection requirements.

Manitou High Availability

With this solution, the ManitouPSIM system will automatically failover to a backup machine without intervention. Users encounter virtually no interruption of business since failover is initiated and performed without requiring human interaction, providing quicker response and resolution times.

Stealth Logger

Eliminates printers from the receivers and electronically records activity and data. Reports are easily generated, viewed and sorted. The data can be stored within the system or at an alternate location. Includes the Software Watchdog which monitors for system failure, primary and secondary process failure, and alarm progress problems.

Advanced Report Writer

Provides integrated reporting services based on Microsoft Visual Studio. Many customers need custom reports to gather information specific to their business. Use this tool to create any necessary report using Microsoft Visual Studio and then integrate those reports into ManitouPSIM so they can be accessed and run as needed from the Manitou client.

Manitou Developer Kit (MDK)

The MDK is used to create applications which connect to the Manitou Application Server, and is ideal for integrating internal, web, and/or third-party applications into Manitou. The MDK provides web services API, .Net API, and OCX API, and includes detailed specifications for developing to Manitou’s video standard as well as to Manitou’s XML standard.

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