An Alarm Monitoring Platform for the Modern Central Station

Let us show you why ManitouNEO is the best choice for your alarm monitoring software.

Since 1981, Bold has shaped the development of contemporary alarm monitoring, and we are proud to offer the most innovative version of our flagship product to date: ManitouNEO.
Still, as reliable as its legacy, ManitouNEO contains multiple new features developed to improve the user experience.

Modern Web Technology

The web-based interface is easy for dispatchers to navigate and is accessible from workstations, laptops, and tablets.

Customizable Dashboards

View key statistics at a glance; customized dashboards can be created for the entire center and for each login.

Dynamic Alarm Handling

Alarm handling instructions provide scripts and prompts and can adapt to various situations using if/then/else logic.

ManitouNEO is UL Ready

Changes in UL 1981 Revision 3 and UL 827 8th Edition affect nearly all monitoring stations in some way. ManitouNEO includes features implemented specifically for compliance with these new requirements. Some of the new features include:

ManitouNEO monitors RAM usage, CPU percentages, server NIC and hard drive

A UL icon identifies all UL accounts

The system prohibits passwords which do not meet UL requirements

A MEW report can be generated to determine number of servers or instances required

ManitouNEO will identify a “runaway” system and its details

Because One Size Does Not Fit All

ManitouNEO is available in four different software packages, each designed to meet different alarm monitoring needs. Whether you own a central station, manage a retail company, or have other requirements for your monitoring software, we have a package solution with the components to provide the best fit for your business

ManitouNEO | Standard

The Standard automation package delivers streamlined signal processing with exceptional stability and power. An ideal solution for localized monitoring centers, corporations, schools, and more.

ManitouNEO | Business

A robust system with extensive features to enhance monitoring operations. The Business package is a complete solution designed to increase efficiency and profitability in growing monitoring centers.

ManitouNEO | Premier

An enterprise solution with a comprehensive suite of products. The Premier package delivers reliability, efficiency, and new services to increase RMR – everything a commercial monitoring center needs.

ManitouNEO | Enterprise

A fully inclusive system designed to meet the demands of enterprise-level monitoring companies. This is where you will find the highest level of innovation available in today’s automation software.

See it in action

Learn how alarm monitoring centers use ManitouNEO to power their business and increase RMR. We are happy to answer your questions and would love to show you ManitouNEO in action.

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