ManitouLITE is the perfect alarm monitoring software for colleges, universities, corporate proprietary monitoring centers, and small, localized central stations. ManitouLITE utilizes the same signal processing and power of Manitou, but with less of the complexity required for larger monitoring centers. Easy installation, minimal training requirements, and a lower cost make it an ideal solution for alarm handling on a smaller scale.

Improve Alarm Handling Efficiency

View alarms by priority and status. Operators utilize intelligent Action Patterns for step-by-step instructions to handle each alarm event.

Reduce Training Times for Operators

ManitouLITE’s Windows-based platform is easy to navigate and comprehend. Data entry is also simplified through built-in templates.

Assess Your Business Performance

ManitouLITE features powerful reporting and analysis tools built into the software. Reports can be generated on-screen, printed, or emailed.

Built for Growth

With ManitouLITE, growing pains are kept to a minimum as your business expands. When you reach the point where you require more from your automation software, upgrading to ManitouNEO is a simple process. No data conversion is necessary and only minimal training time is needed to bring you up-to-date on the expanded capabilities of our flagship product.
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Simple, but Sophisticated

ManitouLITE includes a wide variety of features to offer a robust solution for smaller alarm monitoring needs, including:
  • Unlimited user profiles and user groups
  • Customizable action patterns, with step-by-step instructions and scripting
  • Flexible scheduling with alarm events for unscheduled or late open/close
  • Single-click history retrieval
  • Disaster mode to standardize events during emergencies
  • Maps with alarm zones
  • Over 80 report options, including signal and activity, alarm resolution, account status, and more
  • Customer activity log and audit trail

Good Things Come in Small Packages

The automation software is Windows-based and easy to use, so both veteran and new dispatchers will get started quickly and easily navigate through the user-friendly screens. Customizable Action Patterns provide step-by-step instructions to facilitate consistent and efficient alarm handling. The built-in templates and wizards simplify and streamline data entry. And ManitouLITE has powerful reporting tools built right into the software to help you analyze and manage your business operations.
customizable action patterns with LITE

Why Sacrifice Power for Price?


Manage Key-holders

Supports multiple phone number fields for customer key-holders (home, business, mobile) along with individual passcodes and user IDs. The information can be placed into ManitouLITE’s Action Patterns.


Flexible Scheduling

Program daily Open/Close schedules as well as test schedules for individual customers. Automatically generate alarm events for an unscheduled Open/Close, Late Open/Close and Test Overdue.


Powerful Reporting

Manage your business with the ultimate reporting flexibility. Report options include standard, simple, complex, and detailed. Reports can be generated on-screen and printed or sent via email.


Detailed Activity Log

The event log keeps a complete audit trail of all events. Each signal and operator action is date/time stamped and recorded. Retrieving history is a simple one-click process.

See it in action

Learn why some of the largest central stations use Manitou to power their business and protect over 10 Million customers worldwide.

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